Celebrating Life
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 Create a personalized, memorable event during a difficult time. 

How to plan a celebration of life

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A Step-By-Step Planning Tool To Help You Plan a  Meaningful Celebration of Life. We’ll help you create your vision, establish a plan and honor your loved one. 

Online funeral programs and customizable options

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Access our design shop full of personalized custom designs for a celebration of life. Allow our team to print, design and ship to you, or print yourself. 


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Preserve Your Memories

Welcome to Near, a warm space where we understand the significance of celebrating a life well-lived with grace, reverence, and a touch of inspiration. We recognize that the journey of honoring a loved one transcends the conventional, and we are here to guide you in crafting an exceptional Celebration of Life that pays tribute to the unique spirit and legacy of the dearly departed.

At Near, we curate a collection of heartfelt and elevated ideas designed to transform the remembrance process into a personalized and uplifting experience. Our commitment is to assist you in creating a Celebration of Life that goes beyond the expected, offering ideas that honor the individuality of your loved one.

From personalized ceremonies that reflect the essence of the departed to elevated tributes that exude warmth and sincerity, Near serves as a valuable resource to help you navigate this intimate journey. This includes finding the perfect funeral invitation and funeral program. We understand that each life is a unique story, and our goal is to help you tell it with the care and individuality it deserves.

Embrace the opportunity to celebrate life and legacy in a way that transcends conventionality. Near is not merely a platform; it’s a refined space where you can find compassionate guidance, professional insights, and the inspiration to craft a Celebration of Life that truly honors the spirit of your loved one.