Customizable Funeral Programs

In the tender moments, a well-crafted funeral program template can be a cherished keepsake—a touching tribute that honors their life and provides comfort to those who gather to remember.


Delivery Made Simple

Whether you prefer to print your funeral program or share it digitally, our template options are set up to make customization and sharing easy.

At Near, we understand the significance of this piece, which is why we offer a thoughtful collection of funeral program templates designed to help you create a beautiful and meaningful program effortlessly.

Our Collection

Funeral programs don’t have to be outdated and generic. We’re here to help you communicate and connect with designs that reflect the style and personality of your loved one. 

celebration of life
girls funeral program template
floral funeral program design
feminine funeral program design
masculine funeral program design
photo funeral program design
no photo trifold design

How it Works 



Order of Service
Customize the order of service to reflect the individuality of the deceased. Include their favorite songs, hymns, or readings. You can also add a section for special acknowledgments or thanks.

Write a brief biography or obituary that highlights key moments, achievements, and personal traits of the deceased. Share their life story with the attendees.

Charitable Donations
If the family requests charitable donations in lieu of flowers, include information about the chosen charity and its significance as well as information on how/where to donate.