General Questions

How do I create a care page?

1. Click here to create a free Near account.
Please note: Check your inbox for an email sent by, follow the instructions to verify your account, and don't forget to also check your spam folder— we're here to help if you need any assistance!

2. After you've created your free account, select "Create a Care Page" on your dashboard.

3. Complete the details for your care page, and hit publish.

4. After you've published your care page, add Care Requests and Gifts to your Registry.

How can I share updates on my care registry?

How do I add or remove gifts on my care registry?

How can I share a care registry?

Can I create a care registry for someone else?

Can I edit my care registry after it is published?

I forgot my password - what do I do?

How long is my care registry available?

Need further assistance?

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