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Grief and caregiving are hard. Getting support doesn’t have to be.

Helps Texts provides ongoing, expert grief and mental health support via text message. Signing up only takes a few minutes, and you’ll start receiving tips and resources right away, personalized based on your situation. If you have friends or family members who want to help but aren’t sure how Help Texts will send them weekly suggestions & date reminders too.

Once you’re signed up, there’s nothing else you need to do. You’ll receive your first text within minutes. Sit back and let helpful, expert grief and caregiving wisdom come to you.

Help Texts subscriptions also make great gifts. If you know someone grieving a death or caring for someone with a terminal diagnosis, Help Texts are a great way to show you care. Help Texts last a lot longer than flowers and have been proven to help grievers navigate their grief and feel less alone.

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Help Texts – Grief and mental health support via text

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Grief is a natural human emotion that everyone experiences at some point in their lives. However, grieving can be especially difficult when you don’t have anyone to talk to. That’s where Help Texts comes in.

Provides expert grief support via text message. Support from grief experts so you can get the help you need when you need it most.

Help Texts messages are

  • Easy to get
  • Affordable
  • Relationship building
  • Written by grief experts, for grievers
  • Practical and comforting
  • Private and discrete

How it works

  1. Sign up for texts – it takes 5 minutes to complete their sign-up form
  2. Add supporters – you can invite friends or family and they will receive texts with gentle suggestions and tips about how to be there for you
  3. Start getting texts

You will then receive two texts a week with expert wisdom and guidance as you grieve.

If you are grieving, Help Texts is a great resource. Helping you cope with your grief.

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