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Epic Will is an online estate planning service that allows you to create a simple and affordable legally binding Will in as little as 5 minutes.

While we aren’t equipped to meet the needs of millionaires, complex family situations, and creating Trusts. We ARE passionate about serving the dream builders, family planners, and everyone in the first chapters of their legacy.

We tend to think of ourselves less as an Estate Planning business and more of an “Estate Building” business. We’re a lot like comfortable training wheels when you’re first starting out in the big-wide world of being a grown-up. We’re here to stabilize your future as you build a life you’re proud of, with excellent Will Packages that are easy to understand and grow with your family. And when your needs change, we’ll help you find a qualified attorney in your area.

Epic Will – Create a Will Online with Simple and Affordable Estate Planning

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Estate planning is important for everyone, but it can be expensive and time-consuming to hire an attorney. EpicWill is an online platform that makes estate planning simple and affordable.

  • A simple and easy-to-use interface
  • A library of pre-written documents
  • The ability to customize documents to meet your specific needs
  • The ability to have your documents reviewed by an attorney


  • A convenient and affordable way to create a will or other estate planning documents.
  • Helps you avoid the hassle and expense of hiring an attorney.
  • Gives you peace of mind, knowing that your estate is in order.

A great option for anyone who wants to create a will or other estate planning documents without breaking the bank. It is a convenient, affordable, and easy-to-use platform that can help you take care of your estate planning needs.

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