What to do for out of town family loss (AirBnb style)

What to do for out of town family loss (AirBnb style)

In times of personal crisis, such as family emergencies or the heartbreaking loss of a loved one, traveling can become a necessity that requires quick coordination. This can often add additional stress to an already challenging situation. To provide solace and support to those undertaking such journeys, you can create a thoughtful care package and have it shipped to their AirBnb to ensure that their temporary accommodation becomes a comforting refuge. (Instacart or a grocery delivery service is very effective for this effort!)

Here’s how you can create a thoughtful care package sent to any AirBnb

Start by thinking practically. In the midst of a family crisis, when travel becomes a necessity, time is of the essence, often leaving little opportunity to gather all the essentials. Airbnb’s typically offer some essentials, including toilet paper, paper towels, and soap. But you can go the extra mile by including practical necessities such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, water bottles, makeup remover, lotion, tissues and mints. By thoughtfully curating these extra items, you can help your loved one avoid the hassle of shopping upon arrival and provide them with a sense of support and care during this challenging time.

If you know of a young family that is traveling to see others during this time, order a grocery delivery full of wipes, healthy snacks for kids, travel toys, bath bombs, and some easy snack containers as they go back and forth from locations and hospital visits. These things will surely encourage a weary mother’s heart as she’s out of her normal routine.

Don’t forget comforting items

After spending a long day planning for a funeral service or visiting a sick relative, your loved one will feel both emotionally and physically exhausted. Send comforting items like a soothing candle, fuzzy socks, shower steamers, or a cozy blanket to create a serene atmosphere where they can unwind at their AirBnb. You can also include some of their favorite snacks or a sweet treat for them to enjoy. Another idea is to include thoughtful notes of encouragement for each day that they will be away from the comfort of their home. Write down their favorite scripture, quote, or just a quick sentence or two that shows you care.

No matter what you fill your care basket with, just remember that your support will carry a lasting impact to help them through a difficult time. Check out our gift guides for more inspiration!