End-of-Life Planning

ELDR empowers and equips you to prioritise and complete your end of life planning. Giving you peace and confidence.

Comprehensive end of life planning with an experienced ELDR

We are on a mission to empower and equip people to conclude life smoothly and be remembered well. When you plan in advance of a health crisis, challenging events go more smoothly later, and your life becomes powerfully informed by the reality of its impermanence now. 

ELDR – Connecting Older Adults with the Help They Need

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As we age, our needs change. We may need help with transportation, companionship, or caregiving. You’reElder is a platform that connects older adults with people who can help them with their needs.

  • Matching older adults with caregivers
  • Providing transportation to medical appointments and other errands
  • Organizing social activities
  • Offering companionship and support

ELDR is a great resource for older adults who need help staying independent and connected to their community. It is also a great way for caregivers to find meaningful work.


  • Older adults can get the help they need without having to worry about the cost.
  • Caregivers can find meaningful work that helps them make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Everyone can feel good about helping to create a more connected and supportive community for older adults.

A great resource for older adults and caregivers. It is a convenient and affordable way to get the help you need.

Free Care REgistry

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